Thursday, April 16, 2009


Early snowmobiles used rubber tracks, however modern snowmobiles typically have tracks made of a Kevlar composite. They are designed to be operated on snow and ice, and require no road or trail. Originally snowmobiles were typically powered by two-stroke gasoline/petrol internal combustion engines. Four-stroke engines are becoming more and more popular in snowmobiles. Noise and air pollution concerns and regulations are a driving factor in this transition. Summertime occupations for snowmobile enthusiasts can also involve drag racing on grass, asphalt strips, or even across water.

Double Tracks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mountain Snowmobiling

What are your thoughts on mountain sledding?

long track vs short track

The difference between the two is length. Sometimes longer tracks come in handy riding deep snow and mountain sledding. Shorter tracks are more common around here because most people just ride around in fields and ditches.


What are your thoughts on snowmobiling? Do you like it or not?